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CISM Perspectives Offers the CISM Refresher Training Program - the First of Its Kind!

Sponsored by the Livingston County CISM Team and CISM Perspectives

ROCHESTER, NY - This groundbreaking training is ideal for all formally trained CISM responders from EMS, Fire, Police, as well all other emergency CISM responders. Currently there is no widely accepted refresher protocol or program for CISM teams and responders; this program’s goal is to fill that void.

The full-day multi-media training will include the following didactic points:
1. Review and strengthen basic defusing and debriefing skills
2. Improve listening, validating and affirmation skills
3. CISM: what has changed since 9/11
4. Emergency Responder Stress, why it’s different
5. Successful CISM team guidelines and goals
6. Proper CISM Team wellness and operations
7. Why CISM can and will fail
8. Handling particularly difficult defusings and debriefings
9. Full practical debriefing and defusing sessions

This CISM-R training will be offered on December 8, 2007 at the Livingston County Emergency Services Training Center, 3360 Gypsy Lane, Mt. Morris, New York 14510 (Maps/directions to be supplied). Cost for this training begins at $95 per student. Any existing CISM Team that is unable to make this training but is interested in bringing this training to their CISM responders, please contact us.

Thank you and we truly look forward to meeting you at this powerful and educational seminar!