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The CAD of the Future (eBook)

Tips on what to look for in a CAD system, how to implement it and how to keep it up to date


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Download this free eBook from Logis Solutions for tips on finding the right CAD for your agency.

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Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems can be stressful for agencies — choosing one, implementing one, getting your team to embrace one, and ensuring your CAD continues to work for your organization and support your needs long after onboarding.

But first-rate dispatching software is worth its weight in gold. Especially these days. Technology has advanced to the degree that your CAD can now use predictive artificial intelligence to deploy your fleet, automate planning and easily integrate with products you already use, to name a few benefits.

That’s why you can (and should) expect more from your CAD than ever before. This free Ebook from Logis Solutions explores the most important elements of what your dispatch system should do for you and provides guidance for making those typical CAD headaches less painful. Its valuable insights will help you:

  • Pick the right CAD for your organization.
  • Lead your team through a smooth implementation process.
  • Know what you should expect when it comes to CAD interoperability.
  • Keep your CAD cutting-edge with software upgrades, analytics and beyond.

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