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10 gift ideas for EMTs

We’ve rounded up a bundle of our favorite products that make perfect presents or stocking stuffers for the EMS providers on your list

Tackling the turkey and trimmings is one thing, tackling your holiday shopping list is quite another. Our advice? Shop early, shop smart and take a cue from our gift guide. We’ve rounded up a bundle of our favorite products that make perfect presents or stocking stuffers for the EMS providers on your list.

1. Cuff-Guard blood pressure cuff cover

Perfect for the EMT that’s conscious of keeping his or her patients clean, Bowen Medical’s disposable blood pressure cuff cover prevents cross contamination with a one-time protective covering that fits over existing equipment. It’s designed to never be reused, thereby reducing the possibility of spreading germs and substances that can lead to patient infections. Made of a latex-free medical grade Tyvek material, it’s available in infant, child, adult, adult long, and large adult sizes, and comes in packs of 20 or cases of 120. Learn more

2. NightStick mini flashlight

They say good things come in small packages, and NightStick’s new mini-flashlights are no exception. All four non-rechargeable flashlights create a tight, long throw beam for distance illumination, weigh in around 3.2 ounces, and range in size from 4 to 6 inches.

They use a CREE LED that offers more than 50,000 hours of illumination, and come in high, medium and low-brightness settings, along with a strobe light option. A tail switch provides momentary or constant-on functionality.

The flashlights are also waterproof, and made with aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. Learn more

3. Fit Responder fitness program for EMTs

Bryan Fass, an EMS1 columnist and president/founder of Fit Responder, launched a new fitness app designed specifically for EMTs and paramedics. The program is customizable, meaning workouts are based around individual schedules, and Fass uses a hands-on approach to offer training tailored to each individual or department. Many exercises are designed to be done in the rig, or during down time at the station.

The more than 1,000 workouts are based on NAEMT recommended fitness guidelines for EMS, and each exercise includes images, tips, video and audio-coaching. It’s perfect for an EMT that wants to get into shape and likes the idea of a mobile-based fitness program, but needs more guidance and motivation when it comes to keeping up the routine. Learn more

4. EM Innovations Narcan kit

Since the federal government approved the use of Narcan as a nasal spray to revive people who overdose on heroine, more departments across the country are now carrying the drug.

So EMTs may as well have a place to put it. EM Innovations introduced a labeled, tamper-resistant bag for just that purpose. “Opioid Overdose Kit” is printed in large white text on the exterior for quick identification. To identify if the kit has been opened and to provide tamper evidence, a security seal or tag can be inserted into the grommet in the upper left corner and through the bag zipper. Learn more

5. Limmer Creative NRP study help

This one is aimed at the paramedic-to-be who will hopefully pass the National Registry of Emergency Technician’s Paramedic exam with flying colors, thanks to Limmer Creative’s new Paramedic Trauma Review mobile app study aid.

The app contains 850 items divided between study cards, review questions and practice exams. It also breaks down trauma by body systems and includes a section on trauma in special populations. Learn more

6. Blauer boots

This one might have to go under the tree, but every EMT needs a good pair of boots, and we like Blauer’s new Clash Boots for a rugged option.

The protective boot is light and comfortable, with good heel control and balance. It also features a fancy BOA lacing system that uses a braided stainless steel cable to combine the speed of a zipper with the support of a lace.

They come in both 6-and 8-inch-tall versions and are available in waterproof, non-waterproof and insulated models. Learn more

7. Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet

We’ve come a long way from kerchiefs and a stick, and this Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet goes beyond the windlass-style versions with an innovated buckle system and ladder strap to apply pressure around the entire limb.

The RMT buckle features a two-piece mechanism. The outer frame works as a tightening lever that uses mechanical leverage to apply incredible tension to stop blood flow. The inner portion of the buckle is the release mechanism and you pull the inner tab up once bleeding is controlled.

It has been tested down to 29 degrees below freezing and you can operate it with gloves on. Learn more

8. Gerber Outerwear fleece jacket

Already have a Gerber jacket? Good. The new Sigma Soft Shell fleece jacket is part of the company’s interchangeable liner system, which means some Gerber coat owners can zip it in as an optional cold weather liner. During the spring and fall you can wear the liner alone, and in some areas it may be all you ever need. It’s wind resistant, warm and comfortable, while providing high-visibility with quality and style. Learn more

9. MERET day bag

For EMTs that carry a personal bag, the MERET Dropsling Pro Sport bag is a small, teardrop-shaped cross body bag just large enough for items like a camera, light jacket, snacks and a few other belongings.

For the busy medic who carries less personal stuff with every passing year, it’s just the right size and doesn’t take up much floor space. It would also make a great special events or sports medicine kit. Learn more

10. Leatherman Raptor

This tool was a hit last year, so we’re highlighting it again for 2014. It’s essentially the Swiss Army Knife of scissors for EMTs, with six different functions in one. It combines the 420HC stainless steel shears with a strap cutter, ring cutter, oxygen wrench, ruler and glass breaker. Developed with input from special operations medics, the tools are specifically designed for EMTs and fire professionals to work quickly and safely in an emergency situation.

It measures five inches when folded up, and weighs less than six ounces. It also features an easily replaceable pocket clip and rugged injection molded holster. Learn more

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