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Maine bill would require cameras in ambulances

Sen. Dave Miramant said the bill, which would require transports to be recorded, is aiming to improve patient care


A new bill would require all ambulances to be equipped with cameras.


By EMS1 Staff

AUGUSTA, Maine — A public hearing was held on a new bill that would require all ambulances to be equipped with cameras.

The bill, sponsored by Democratic State Sen. Dave Miramant, would require EMS providers and patients to be recorded during transports, WGME reported.

Miramant said in a Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee hearing that the footage would be confidential and would be viewed in compliance with HIPPA privacy regulations.

He added that the goal of the bill is to improve patient care.

“I have strict guidelines for who can look,” Miramant said. “Only the supervisory medical personnel or law enforcement that needs to answer questions. They’re only stored for three months and then they are destroyed. I believe all sides of it are covered, it’s a good idea for a conversation.”

Miramant added that the footage could protect EMS providers.

“It can confirm if accusations are made, it can protect the EMTs or technicians,” he said. “It could confirm a story by a patient. There’s just something to back it up.”