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Crestline Ambulance delivers more value with latest technology

The MMC (Multiplex Modular Connected) is a revolutionized electrical system that will intelligently power ambulance fleets across the US market through connectivity and high performance

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VAN WERT, Ohio - Crestline Ambulances is thrilled to launch its newest offering, the MMC (Multiplex Modular Connected), a revolutionized electrical system that will intelligently power ambulance fleets across the US market through connectivity and high performance.

Available now in the CCL 150 product lineup, this next generation of multiplex systems is modernized with more standard features and enhancements for the end user, such as an efficient interface with instant access to critical components, and includes various safety features such as new emergency and working light modes.

“We’ve been positively overwhelmed with the demand for CCL 150 products. It delivers upon the promise to be an industry workhorse for EMS/Fire departments who require increased reliability, with worry-free maintenance and readily available parts,” shared Kerri Walker, Vice President Commercial Division, Demers-Braun-Crestline-Medix Ambulances. “We expect the MMC Multiplex to bring additional value through connectivity – made possible by this modernized and intuitive platform. Plus, this electrical system will be familiar for our US customers given it’s the next-generation system.”

The MMC is designed to optimize vehicle intelligence, boost ambulance performance, and enhance the overall vehicle environment. It provides digital controls for the ambulance, enabling EMS providers to control their workspace and comfort. It also enables vehicle diagnostics and offers a Free Bluetooth app (Vision Plex Mobile) for troubleshooting through real-time input/output visibility while near the ambulance.

When can customers expect the new system from Crestline? All new ambulance orders automatically include the MMC Multiplex system. Click here to learn more about the MMC features.

A trusted global manufacturer of ambulances since 1975, Crestline introduced its latest value-packed standard feature ambulances into the US market in 2019, offering the CCL 150 Type III and Type I models. Backed by industry-leading Lifetime Paint Warranty and Lifetime Structural Warranty, the brand delivers an outstanding blend of safety and durability, all at an affordable price point.

The CCL 150 product line is designed and manufactured by Crestline Ambulances. It is available for purchase in the US through Demers Ambulances USA Inc. and its Dealer partners coast-to-coast. To find an Authorized Dealer Partner in your neighborhood, visit our website.

Fast forward to 2023. There are nearly five hundred CCL 150 model ambulances in service across the US and there is plenty of demand from the EMS/Fire communities. To speed up the delivery of vehicles and integration of technologies such as the MMC Multiplex electrical system, the Crestline manufacturing plant completed a substantial facility expansion in January 2023, adding an extra 30,000 square feet. Customers will have the opportunity to tour the new facility expansion by Spring 2024 virtually. To learn more about our brand and products, visit

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Crestline Coach Ltd. is a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing. Since 1975, Crestline continues to inspire industry standards through its commitment to continuous improvement and quality products. Best known for its brand promise, Crestline produces safe and durable ambulances at an affordable price. Their value-based product is reliable and loaded with exclusive standard features, including its industry-leading Lifetime Paint Warranty and Lifetime Structural Warranty. Learn more about Crestline at

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Through its strong and diversified portfolio of brands – Demers, Braun, Crestline, and Medix- the Company operates eight production and service center sites across North America and employs a staff of ~1200. Each year, the combined sales position the company as the second-largest ambulance manufacturer in North America. Its offering of ambulance products ranges from the price-conscious value ambulance to the highly customized specialty vehicle.
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