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Technimount EMS launches the Bracket Pro Serie 60 – GR2 and FL

Technimount’s solutions address the needs of the industry by offering enhanced flexibility and safety during EMS and critical care transport

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The Bracket Pro Serie® 60-GR2 is designed to secure the HAMILTON-T1 Ventilator from Hamilton Medical® during ground EMS and critical care transport.

Technimount EMS


QUEBEC CITY, Canada — Technimount EMS (Technimount), a leading provider of mounting systems for medical devices, is proud to unveil the launch of its Bracket Pro Serie® GR2 (Ground) and FL (Flight) product lines for the Hamilton-T1 ventilator during ground and air transport for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Critical Care Transport (CCT).

Emergency medical care and critical care medicine are high-stakes fields where patient safety is paramount. Top-quality interventions and equipment for any transport are needed, ensuring readiness for any critical situation. Technimount’s newest solutions address the distinct needs of the industry by offering enhanced flexibility and safety during EMS and critical care transport of the Hamilton-T1 ventilator.

Featuring an innovative dual-disc design, both Bracket Pro Serie 60 – GR2 and FL are designed for various mounting configurations in different environments, providing flexible continuous patient care during transport. This empowers healthcare professionals to securely mount the Hamilton T1 ventilator in diverse settings, whether in ground or flight transport considering the spatial space constraints. The Bracket Pro Serie 60 – GR2 and FL’s adaptability meets the diverse needs of intense care transport professionals, offering out-of-the-way yet always within-eyesight mounting options. Technimount’s Standard Surface Base allows for quick installation and removal of the mount and the medical device, enabling rapid deployment in emergencies. This translates into time-saving convenience for healthcare professionals regardless of the transport vehicle, ensuring consistent equipment placement and security.

Critical care transport teams play a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted advanced care between hospitals and critical access facilities. Adapting to specific situations, they utilize varied ambulance modes—ground, helicopter, or fixed-wing—to ensure seamless care continuity during critical situations. Recognizing this crucial role, both of our solutions undergo rigorous testing, ensuring durability, reliability, and alignment with the highest industry safety standards, such as SAE J3043 for ground transport. Additionally, the Bracket Pro Serie – FL is meticulously tested in compliance with the FAA 14 CFR § 23 & 27 standards.

“Our commitment lies in actively listening to the healthcare industry, understanding its evolving needs, and responding with innovative solutions. At Technimount, we take pride in offering safety-centric solutions that prioritize patient care and streamline the daily workflows of healthcare professionals.” – Carl Bouchard, Founder and CEO of Technimount System.

At Technimount, our commitment remains steadfast in not only upholding the integrity of medical devices but also in enhancing their flexibility to ensure seamless operability. Our products are meticulously designed to optimize functionality, adapting effortlessly to diverse settings. Beyond device integrity, our paramount dedication revolves around prioritizing the safety and well-being of healthcare professionals. Every innovation is aligned with their needs, placing safety and adaptability at the core of our mission.

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Technimount EMS offers a wide range of mounting systems for medical devices, addressing the safety needs of patients and staff during ground or air emergencies and Critical Care Transport, establishing itself as a standard in the Emergency Medical Services industry.