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Paramedic jumps out of son’s funeral procession to help seriously injured officer

Adam Galloway was on his way to the funeral of his son, Private First Class Jason Decker, when he witnessed Officer Jason Seals’ motorcycle lying in the road

By EMS1 Staff

SLIDELL, La. — A paramedic who was on his way to bury his son jumped into action to help a seriously injured motorcycle officer after a crash.

WFMY News 2 reported that paramedic Adam Galloway was in a funeral procession for his son, Private First Class Jason Decker, who died of a medical condition at Fort Hood, when he saw the motorcycle of Officer Jason Seals lying in the road.

Galloway jumped into action to treat Seals, who was thrown 50 feet after his motorcycle struck a vehicle that came into his path as he worked the procession.

“I was trained to do that and I did,” Galloway said. “I tried to do what I could for him.”

Galloway said he saw right away that Seals’ condition was serious.

“He had labored breathing, possibly a head injury,” he said. “He wasn’t responding until, eventually, he responded when somebody called his name a few times and he actually gripped my ex-wife’s hand.”

The paramedic added that he rendered aid while fighting through tears after learning the officer shared the same first name as his son.

Police spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau said Seals’ survival is “nothing short of a miracle.”

“God was with him. There’s no question about it,” he said, adding that Seals is “stable and improving every hour.”

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