Video: Australian medics flee ambulance in fear of patient

The paramedics said the patient threatened and lunged at them, leading them to flee to a nearby home

By Laura French

AUSTRALIA — Two Australian paramedics fled from their ambulance and sought refuge in a nearby home after they say their patient threatened their lives. 

The New South Wales medics were transporting a patient with heart pain in West Sydney at about 4 a.m. when they left the rig and called for help, according to 9 News.

The incident was caught on security camera and one of the medics can be heard on dispatch recordings saying the patient was threatening to kill them, that a resident in a nearby home had let them in and that they required armed assistance. 

The medics allege Ehtesham Ghaffar, 20, threatened and lunged at them, and he was arrested and charged with assault. Ghaffar told reporters he did not threaten the medics, and was having a panic attack and asking for help. He was taken to the hospital by his mother after the paramedics left. 


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