EMS providers react to President Trump, future of fire and EMS

We asked our community of readers to share what they expect and want from the country's new government

The 2016 presidential election may be over, but that was only the beginning.

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares for his Jan. 20 swearing-in and inauguration, fire and EMS personnel are trying to get a handle on what impacts they may see from a Trump administration and Republican controlled Congress.

We asked our Facebook fans to leave their comments on what they think lies ahead for the fire and EMS service. Some focused on health care issues and others wanted clarity on campaign trail promises.

What do you think the impact will be on first responders? Be sure to leave your comments below.

1."An open dialogue to answer any questions we might have would be a good place to start." — Lucas Moore

2."I just hope he does something to rural health care to keep our hospitals open." — William Clifford

3."Stop Obamacare." — Denise Krizov

4."Trump is, in general, a Liberal and loves emergency services. It's Congress that will be the problem." — Adam Smith

5."It would be nice for something to be put in place for health care for retired fire, police and EMTs. Their bodies are worn down — not to mention the mental state from all they've seen and paying out of pocket for health insurance is pathetic. They deserve better because they've given so much." — Shawna Keizor

6."Optimism, for the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Forging new relationships and continued growth." — Alfredo Del Valle

7."Trump will weaken collective bargaining laws, which will weaken wages and benefits." — Jerry Ray

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