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This series focuses on bridging the gap between what EMS supervisors and EMS providers perceive as the sticking points that drive EMTs and paramedics out of the field.

By understanding these issues, and incorporating strategies from the corporate world and other industries, EMS leaders can stop the talent bleed, keep their ambulances on the road and improve the quality of applicants.

Identifying providers’ needs and implementing outside industry strategies can create an EMS culture that fosters retention and growth
Volunteer EMS providers are motivated by respect; use appreciation, clear expectations and creature comforts to keep them engaged and satisfied
A guide for hiring for longevity and fit as opposed to the best technician/clinician
An EMS agency success story in improving patient care and service, with financial benefits for the agency and EMS providers
How EMS organizations are losing good employees with low pay scales
Everyone has a breaking point; it’s important to understand the reasons why some EMS providers may decide to leave, and how to turn a potential problem into a solution
Eve Grau, co-founder of Royal Ambulance, shares the company’s philosophy for cultivating highly-motivated employees and how it positively impacts their agency
Six different career ladders with compensation and rank based on experience, higher education and specialized training improves retention