SC firefighters install trauma kits in elementary school

The kits are designed to limit blood loss and were created after Jacob Hall, 6, died in a school shooting

By EMS1 Staff

BURTON, S.C. — Burton Fire District helped install trauma kits designed to prevent massive blood loss, called "Jacob Kits," in an elementary school.

FOX28 Media reported that Broad River Elementary School teacher Angela Byrne came up with the idea for the kits with her husband after the Townville Elementary School shooting last year that killed 6-year-old Jacob Hall.

"What would I have done had Jacob been my student? You know, what would I do if this happened in my classroom at Broad River?” Byrne said. "Let's give everybody a tourniquet to keep in their desk.”

The "Jacob Kit" includes two chest seals, a tourniquet, a dressing bandage, gauze and gloves. Each classroom will have a kit at their doorway.

"From the time a child sustains an injury to the time a first responder is kneeling next to him rendering aid, there's going to be a time gap," Byrne's husband, Daniel, said. "Children have half the blood volume as an adult, so they don't have a lot of time. We might lose a child from a very treatable and survivable injury.”

Burton Fire District hopes to have the kits installed in every classroom in the area.


Thank you to Broad River Elementary School for partnering with the Burton Fire District for the safety of our children....

Posted by Burton Fire District on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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