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EMS Wireless Handsets The EMS1 EMS Wireless Handsets product category is a collection of products and information for researching wireless communication handsets. It covers mobile phones and broadband cards.
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Enabling interoperable public safety communications
EMS1 is proud to partner with Cisco to provide a FREE, downloadable PDF eSupplement with valuable information for emergency communications. The four articles included enable first responders from multiple disciplines, jurisdictions, and levels of government to exhange mission critical information.

From providing access to medical records and dictionaries, to streaming live video to an emergency room physician for guidance on patient care, ...
By Ron WhitneyI’ll admit it, I love gadgets. All types of gadgets, especially the type that can make my life, or my job a little bit easier. ...
By Scott M. Bruner EMS1 Product EditorThis year's IWCE 2010 show in Las Vegas provided a unique opportunity for developers and manufacturers to ...
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