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Kathryn Pollard, LCSW, NRP

Tulsa native Kathryn Pollard has dedicated her career to serving patients and community members in challenging clinical settings. As a substance use disorder specialist for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs HUD VASH Program, her current casework revolves around specialized mental health consultation, coordination and prevention.

Pollard also works part-time as a clinical social worker in the emergency department at Hillcrest Medical Center, as a crisis therapist for COPES and as a paramedic for Oologah Talala EMS.

Intimately familiar with the complexities of working in these roles, and passionate about supporting the EMS community, Pollard, along with two colleagues, started Rescue Pod. Rescue Pod is a debriefing safe space that invites EMS workers to share and discuss traumatic work-related incidents, allowing them to process that trauma and continue serving the community.

Making care more accessible, reducing hospital utilization and improving outcomes