Medics: Ex-chief charged with sex crime also committed Medicare fraud

EMS providers say they were told to bill Medicare at highest rate possible by a former chief arrested for allegedly plotting to have sex with a teenage girl


EVERETT, Wash. — An exclusive KIRO7 investigation has uncovered new information about David “Pete” Vier, the City of Everett Fire Department’s former Chief of Emergency Medical Services who’s been charged in King County with plotting to have sex with a teenager.
Multiple anonymous sources within the department, and senior paramedic Pete McFall, all told KIRO 7 that Vier forced them to commit what they believe may have been Medicare fraud, and that it went on for years. KIRO 7 has learned those same claims eventually resulted in an audit.  
According to 33-year department veteran McFall, every paramedic was forced by their supervisor, then-Chief Vier, to bill Medicare at the highest rate possible for even the most basic services.  

Read full story: Former paramedic’s 'upcharge fraud' leads to audit of Everett Fire Department

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