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Active911 showcasing product line at FDIC 2021

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COVALLIS, Ore.-- Active911 will be exhibiting at the FDIC International 2021 Conference, happening at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis August 5 – 7, 2021. They will be showcasing, ActiveAlert, their robust mobile alerting software and application, as well as their latest product, ActiveTeam.

Founded in 2012, Active911 is a software and technology company with the core mission of helping heroes save lives. Joseph Sullivan, the company’s founder and CEO, first thought of the software idea that is now ActiveAlert, while facing struggles with getting delayed calls as a volunteer firefighter. Since the beginning, they have been focused on solving first responder’s on-the-job challenges through innovative technology.

Now Active911 has a variety of products for the fire and EMS industries. ActiveAlert provides emergency response coordination through a mobile app that runs on both Android and iOS. It sends alerts directly from CAD, provides response buttons, offers turn-by-turn navigation, and much more. ActiveTeam, their latest product, is a staffing and scheduling software designed specifically with career and volunteer fire agencies in mind. WebView is a station display for viewing call data as well as personnel and apparatus locations. Active911 will be showcasing all these products at FDIC International 2021.

“Since we service one third of all fire departments in the U.S., we feel it’s important to be at FDIC.” Says Jackson Gillett, Sales and Marketing Director at Active911. “It gives us the chance to put names and faces together, and to get a better understanding of what firefighters want and need. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide them with more tools to save more lives.”

If you will be at FDIC, you can visit them at booth 210. You can also learn more about the company and the products they offer at

About Active911

Active911 provides effective, affordable emergency response coordination to your
team. Our software solutions enhance your mission-critical systems to provide more usable information
on each call. With ActiveAlert, you will get information from dispatch in all the ways you need. From
maps and directions to equipment and personnel positioning, they’ve got heroes covered. Plus, their
services don’t stop there. They are continually adding products, including Family
SMS, Webview and ActiveTeam.