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MP Cloud Technologies announces award of US Patent for AutoCode embedded in its flagship AdvanceClaim product

MP Cloud awarded United States Patent number US11011269 B2 for unique and novel functionality in auto-coding a claim during the pre-billing process

AUSTIN, TEXAS – MP Cloud Technologies is pleased to announce the award of a US Patent for Medical Claims Auto Coding System and Method. Properly billing EMS Medical Claims is complex and prone to human error. Providers and billing agents are held to a high degree of accuracy and compliance by the government. MP Cloud Technologies has leveraged business intelligence and created a patented process to lessen the riskiest component of EMS billing – properly documented and coded claims. AutoCode let’s AdvanceClaim analyze imported NEMSIS data and other elements and provides a predictive analysis of proper billing codes.

“In this difficult economic environment, the ability for our customers to accurately and expeditiously process claims is paramount to this company and the customers we serve. We are agile to customer needs and quickly adjust to newly implemented changes imposed by the government or payers. “By leveraging our patented AutoCode feature, our customers are now able to process claims faster and with more accuracy,” said Rob Rodrigues, CEO of MP Cloud Technologies. “Our customers will now be able to maximize employee billing productivity by allowing AI to assist them in properly coding a medical claim. Our customers are now able to reclaim valuable human capital hours from pre-billing and reallocate efforts to those otherwise difficult to collect claims.”

About MP Cloud Technologies

MP Cloud Technologies is a leader in providing cloud-based medical claims billing and dispatch to the EMS industry. It’s flagship product, AdvanceClaim, allows for easy implementation, and because of its cloudbased platform, companies can easily implement remote work locations for employees to work from any location without middleware and difficult IT overhead challenges. All clearinghouse functions and discovery tools are fully embedded within the software in a subscription-based pricing model. For more information, visit or email