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5 ways an end-to-end EMS solution can improve your agency

Finding a unified operational solution for your EMS agency can increase compliance and decrease costs

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By EMS1 BrandFocus Staff

From dispatch to collection, finding a single platform can help your agency focus on what matters most: patient care. It can sometimes seem as though the everyday realities of responding to calls, getting reimbursed and doing paperwork can get in the way of our primary mission in EMS.

A cloud solution, such as AIM Online EMS Workflow, offers many benefits over a traditional system.
A cloud solution, such as AIM Online EMS Workflow, offers many benefits over a traditional system. (image/iStock)

That’s where the cloud comes in. A cloud solution, such as AIM Online EMS Workflow, offers many benefits over a traditional system. In fact, Forbes magazine recently reported that 83 percent of healthcare organizations are using the cloud.

Less overhead

The main benefits of a cloud solution for your agency is that it’s cost-effective, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

A cloud solution offers the benefits of full-time IT personnel and infrastructure without the overhead. Your agency won’t have to foot the bill for server maintenance or the hiring, onboarding and retention of the staff to run them. Focusing on only the service reduces overall operating expenses, saving money and time to focus on your core business.

In addition, cloud services also cut down on hard costs such as hardware and expensive upgrades, which are included in the subscription service.


Another common issue facing EMS agencies is getting reimbursed after services have been rendered. AIM’s Online EMS Workflow can help agencies get reimbursed faster. By automatically validating insurance during—or even before—transport takes places can help avoid these errors while saving time for the crew in the field.

Likewise, billing can be automated as well. This can reduce the number of errors while also saving money by cutting down on the number of staff hours necessary for processing.


Compliance is a crucial aspect of any EMS agency. Having an end-to-end solution that provides automated data collection means it is easier to meet state and Medicare regulations.

AIM Online EMS also offers an easy way to maintain compliance by automatically collecting the necessary data. The cloud software updates automatically whenever legislative changes come into effect, taking the burden off of the agency and making it easy to ensure you’re in the right.

This can streamline this process of filing paperwork to maintain compliance and cut down on the staff hours required, keeping costs down as well.

Cloud-based solutions work from anywhere

Having your data in the cloud provides many benefits to your agency. It means your data can be accessed from anywhere. Managers can reference data at home, and crews can upload the information they get from anywhere.

Remote dispatch is an increasing trend in EMS agencies. A cloud-based solution allows co-workers in different geographic areas the ability to see and use the same data in real time.

“AIM Online allows you to work from anywhere to keep getting claims processed in a timely manner,” said Carla Butler of the Maries-Osage Ambulance District.

A holistic solution makes things easy

Each of these capabilities can be gained through an information management service, but to really reap the benefits of reduced time and work, you want to look for an integrated, holistic solution that offers all of them, such as AIM Online EMS Workflow.

Integrating your system from end to end means you can have all the information you need in one place, from call intake, to transport, to billing, creating an efficient workflow that can be accessed anywhere. The automatic collection of data will make compliance and billing easy.

For more information on AIM’s Online EMS Workflow suite, visit their website.

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