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Union Springs Pharmaceuticals Reaches Distribution Agreement with Salesreach, LLC

Deal Provides Greater Sales and Marketing Depth to Union Springs Pharmaceuticals’ Established Brands

Erlanger, Ky.-- Union Springs Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has reached an agreement with Salesreach, LLC, who will market Union Springs Pharmaceuticals’ products to emergency personnel across the United States. Salesreach, a Chicago-based sales, marketing and business development consulting firm, has created a network of independent sales brokers who market primarily to Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire/EMS, and Municipal accounts.

Union Springs Pharmaceuticals markets the MyClyns® line of revolutionary antimicrobial products that includes its flagship MyClyns® Germ Protection Spray, which is safe to apply in the eyes, mouth, and nose after an exposure to pathogens. Salesreach will also market additional MyClyns® items, including: the unique, comfortable disposable N95 respirator; ViralClyns™, which contains an EPA-approved antimicrobial for extra protection; ExtendaClyns™, a non-alcohol based, long-lasting hand sanitizer and first-aid antiseptic, which kills 99.9 percent of germs without drying out hands and skin; and the MyClyns line of Antimicrobial Surface Treatments.

“This agreement with Salesreach will allow Union Springs Pharmaceuticals to dramatically increase our selling time and exposure to our primary professional customer base,” said Roger Griggs, Chairman of Union Springs Pharmaceuticals. “We are eager to support Salesreach as we mutually seek to increase our reach to the First Responder market. Our growing line of products are designed to uniquely protect those who protect us. First responders are the heroes who put their lives on the line daily throughout the United States, and we are glad we can supply products to make their job a little safer.”

“Salesreach has a proven track record as a very effective and efficient sales partner. We look forward to building on the excellent market penetration Union Springs Pharmaceuticals products already enjoy. Salesreach is effective because it can enhance vertical market development by deploying the right strategy, people, business tools, creative designs and sales execution,” said Tom Hauert, owner and founder of Salesreach. “We are very excited about this agreement and look forward to bringing these exciting infection control products from Union Springs Pharmaceuticals to our customers.”

About Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Union Springs Pharmaceuticals specializes in providing innovative personal and environmental protection products for the EMS, fire, law enforcement, corrections, military, government, healthcare and consumer markets. Union Springs Pharmaceuticals currently markets MyClyns®, the revolutionary germ protection spray that is safe to spray into the eyes, nose and mouth. The company also offers the T-5000 Series P-95 respirators and ViralClyns N95 respirators, which are the only disposable respirators with an infused EPA-approved antimicrobial for extra protection, and ExtendaClyns, a long-lasting, non-alcohol based hand sanitizer that kills 99.9 percent of germs and does not dry out hands and skin. More information on Union Springs Pharmaceuticals and its products can be found at