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EMS Trend Report looks at major directions for 2024

Learn what the industry is doing about its biggest issues

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Paramedics at the rear doors of an ambulance

ESO’s annual EMS Trend Report looks at current industry directions on key matters facing EMS.

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With so many important issues facing the emergency medical services field, it’s useful to step back and review where things stand and where things are going. That’s the goal of ESO’s annual EMS Trend Report, which looks at current industry directions on key matters facing EMS in America.

The 2024 version has now been released, and you can find it here.

“Increased call volumes and expectations met with decreased budgets and inflation have put unprecedented pressure on EMS agencies,” the company noted in releasing the report. “This year’s ESO EMS Trends showcases the creative innovations organizations are making to combat these difficulties, along with how the industry is learning how to safely and efficiently transform the endless amounts of information being thrown around into meaningful insights.”

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Download the EMS Trend Report for more.


This year’s report focuses on these key issues:

  • Recruitment and retention.
  • Anticipating the impact of AI and other advanced technologies.
  • Optimizing and making the most of your resources.
  • Prioritizing wellness.
  • Leveraging real-world data for better outcomes.
  • Clinical changes to meet increased expectations.

Download the free EMS Trend Report here. For more information, visit ESO.