Holiday gift guide: 10 gifts under $25 for new paramedics, EMTs

Here's a roundup of gift ideas to help your newest colleague feel prepared and, in some cases, entertained

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By EMS1 Staff

There's a new rookie on board and you want to put together a welcome basket, but what items should be in it?

Well, look no further.

Here's a roundup of 10 gift ideas – all under $25 – to either gift to your newest paramedic or EMT or keep for yourself. Either way, these gifts will keep you prepared and, in some cases, entertained.

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1. 3-pack of Field Notes

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As an EMS provider, you never stop learning. Write down everything you can – you'll most likely refer to this critical information you learn as a rookie throughout your career. Price: $9.95

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife

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My dad told me to never leave the house without a pocket knife in tow. That goes for you, too. The pocket knife features 12 functions, including a large blade, small blade, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver and a can opener with a small screwdriver. Price: $17.55

3. Keychain LED flashlight

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Every paramedic or EMT should carry a flashlight with them at all times. At the least, this one can be a backup just in case. This flashlight is weatherproof, featuring a 100,000 hour lifetime high-intensity LED. Price: $9.20

4. Tactical lunch bag

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This will make your life a little easier when it comes to meal time. Place it inside your ambulance, so you have something healthy and hearty to snack on. This lunch bag has a durable aluminum foil lining to keep food colder or warmer longer. Price: $24.99

5. Prescription coffee mug

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Because coffee is a necessity, right? This can also be given as a White Elephant gift, making any paramedic or EMT – from rookie to veteran – laugh at the silly sentiment. Price: $9.99

6. All-weather black metal clicker pen

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You never know when you'll need a pen. Keep this one close by. The ink writes through water, grease and mud without clumping or smearing. Price: $17.70

7. EMS high socks

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You can never have enough high socks. These are ideal to be worn under your boots during your shift. Price: $14.85

8. EMS keychain

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Every EMT or paramedic needs a solid, well-built keychain. This paracord keychain with a charm buckle keeps everything important nearby. Price: $19.95

9. Java Medic coffee lover gift

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This will pair perfectly with that coffee mug. This gourmet roasted coffee is inspired by EMS themes, and there's one for every taste. Price: $15.95

10. YETI Rambler stainless steel tumbler with lid

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This one falls under my just because gift category. This will keep your beverages cold or hot longer and has a no sweat design to make sure your hands stay dry. Price: $24.95

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