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First responders treated 13 patients during Los Angeles marathon

10 medical stations were in place along the 26.2-mile course


Runners at the Los Angeles Marathon.

Los Angeles Marathon/Facebook


LOS ANGELES — First responders tended to 13 patients at the L.A. Marathon on Sunday, March 17, according to revised data from authorities later in the day.

Of the nine, eight were deemed to have a non-life-threatening issue in which care could be delayed, and another five had a minor injury or illness, which officials deemed “walking wounded,” according to UnifiedLA, the joint-command information center in which multiple local agencies contribute.

The update was at 5 p.m., with nearly 100% of the about 25,000 having finished the race, according to authorities.

UnifiedLA revised the numbers downward from updates earlier in the day, which reported that medics had treated 17 patients, one of which was for a “life-threatening” situation that required immediate care.

Conditions were considered ripe for the 26.2-mile journey, rising to close to 70 degrees through the day.

Last year, a total of 10 folks needed care, including one for a life-threatening issue, two for non-life-threatening and seven in the “walking wounded” category.

The counts include only participants who have received complete medical assessments by first responders.

There are plenty who might get quick support for a cramp or tight muscle and keep moving.

There were 10 medical stations on the course, at every mile beginning at Mile 6 in addition to Medical at the Finish Line and inside the Finish Festival.

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