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The Gear and Gadgets topic discusses a wide range of EMS technology and equipment.

As an employer, the pressure is on to captivate the workforce and stand out in a competitive job market
Finding the balance between being prepared for anything and being quick, light and back pain-free
“Whatever you don’t bring is what you’re going to need,” one commenter wrote
Code Red Fire boots are constructed to meet NFPA certification
Company representatives will be demonstrating several products on the exhibit floor, and will be on hand for the duration of the conference to answer any questions
Lincoln’s medic units will receive cardiac monitors, power cots, heart rhythm simulators, EADs and stair chairs
Patients who may benefit from ECMO will be moved to an emergency department sooner
The Gwinnett County contract includes gear such as power stretchers and chest compression tools
Accountability for displaying proper patient lifting and moving – whether it’s physically lifting patients or utilizing equipment – rests at the top of the agency
Tracking narcotics on paper leaves many gaps that can lead to major problems for any department or organization
“Dan wanted to make sure EMTs and paramedics had the best devices possible to treat their patients while also ensuring their own safety,” said EMS1 Editorial Director Greg Friese
The research also shows the effectiveness of on-site vaccine clinics and educational programs, as well as vaccine mandates
Black patients experienced delays in COVID-19 treatment because of the problem, said Kristen Azar with Sutter Health’s Institute for Advancing Health Equity
Naples Fire-Rescue Department crewmembers were forced to dismantle the chair in order to free the patient
The Sotair was designed to protect the airway and minimize gastric insufflation