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West Michigan EMS Consortium enhances protocol management with OneDose

Over 4,500 EMS providers across West Michigan gain access to advanced clinical support tool for improved patient care

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI - The West Michigan Regional Medical Control Consortium (WMRMCC) is setting new standards in EMS protocol management by integrating the OneDose Protocol Management Tool from Hinckley Medical. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the quality of emergency medical services provided across West Michigan.

“As we strive to elevate EMS care, it’s crucial that our protocols are not just comprehensive but also readily accessible,” said consortium representatives. “OneDose by Hinckley Medical has been instrumental in achieving these goals, ensuring our clinicians have the best tools at their disposal.”

Originally struggling with outdated methods that required clinicians to memorize over 500 pages of protocols, WMRMCC transitioned to OneDose to simplify access to critical medical guidelines. The OneDose system supports real-time protocol management and medication guidance through treatment references that display proper medical information on any mobile device. The increased efficiency for EMS clinicians helps to reduce cognitive medical errors.

The powerful features of OneDose, including offline capabilities and real-time updates via push notifications, allow for unprecedented control and flexibility for EMS arriving on the scene of an emergency. The system supports the needs of 11 Medical Control Authorities (MCAs) and enables each to tailor the tool to specific regional requirements.

Jeremy Baldrica and Lance Corey of WMRMCC noted, “OneDose not only facilitates our daily operations but also empowers our EMS providers with a user-friendly platform for continuous learning through integrated questionnaires and quizzes. This functionality is pivotal in ensuring that our staff are always at the forefront of EMS care.”

Since its adoption, OneDose has expanded to serve nearly 4500 providers, doubling the reach of the consortium’s previous system and providing access to more than 60 agencies. This extensive implementation underscores the effectiveness and adaptability of the OneDose system.

“OneDose is more than just a technological solution; it’s a part of our mission to harmonize emergency medical responses across West Michigan,” added consortium representatives. “Hinckley Medical’s commitment to innovation and responsiveness to feedback has made them an ideal partner in our efforts to improve EMS care.”

The collaboration between WMRMCC and Hinckley Medical is a testament to their shared commitment to enhancing EMS services through innovative solutions that support both clinicians and patients alike.

For further information about WMRMCC’s initiatives and OneDose, please visit Hinckley Medical’s website.

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Hinckley Medical minimizes prehospital medical errors with two innovative solutions: OneDose™, an interactive protocol workflow app, and OneWeight™, the first patient scale for ambulance gurneys. Designed for seamless integration or standalone use, both enhance patient care by ensuring accurate weight-based dosing and streamlined protocol adherence.