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Waunakee Area EMS implements OneWeight ambulance gurney patient scale for enhanced patient care

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OneWeight patient scale in front of Waunakee Area EMS ambulance


WAUNAKEE, Wis. — Waunakee Area EMS, serving the communities of Waunakee, Village of Dane, Town of Dane, Westport, Springfield and Vienna, has integrated OneWeight Ambulance Stretcher Patient Scale from Hinckley Medical into their fleet of ambulances. This innovative technology, installed on June 19, 2024, promises to significantly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of patient care provided by Waunakee EMS.

“We have been looking for a field-rated scale option for a long time to obtain accurate weights on our patients to ensure we are administering the most accurate medication dosing possible,” said Scott Russell, Chief of Waunakee Area EMS. “For the first time, the OneWeight scale systems in our ambulances will allow us to have immediate and reliable weight measurements, which is a game-changer for confidently delivering the best treatment in the most timely manner.”

The OneWeight system, developed by Hinckley Medical based in Lakeville, Minnesota, addresses critical challenges faced by EMS professionals in accurately estimating patient weights during emergencies. Founded in 2020, Hinckley Medical was inspired by the need to mitigate dosing errors in prehospital care settings, ensuring precise medication administration without delay.

“An integrated scale on the EMS cot is a game-changer,” remarked Dr. Michael Lohmeier, Medical Director of Waunakee Area EMS. “It streamlines weight measurement, boosting accuracy for critical medication dosing in all patients, especially our precious pediatric ones. Imagine the lifesaving potential of having a built-in scale on every EMS cot. This simple integration ensures immediate and accurate weight measurement, a critical factor for safe and effective medication dosing.”

The adoption of the OneWeight system marks a significant advancement for Waunakee Area EMS in their mission to provide top-quality prehospital medical care. This technology not only simplifies the workflow for EMS providers but also enhances patient outcomes by ensuring precise medication dosing based on accurate weight measurements.

“Every few years or so, there is a new innovation in the pre-hospital medical field that changes the way we will forever operate,” Chief Scott Russell added. “The OneWeight scale system is one of these innovations, and quite possibly the most beneficial innovation for medication administration that we have seen in decades.”

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OneWeight patient scale in front of a Waunakee Area EMS ambulance, highlighting its integration for accurate patient weight measurement and improved medication dosing assistance.

About Hinckley Medical

Hinckley Medical minimizes prehospital medical errors with two innovative solutions: OneDose™, an interactive protocol workflow app, and OneWeight, the first patient scale for ambulance gurneys. Designed for seamless integration or standalone use, both enhance patient care by ensuring accurate weight-based dosing and streamlined protocol adherence.