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8 of our favorite EMS challenge coin display cases

We explain the types of cases, share our favorites for EMT and paramedic challenge coins and offer a few tips to choose the right case

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Challenge coins symbolize camaraderie, honor and recognition. Police officers, corrections officers, firefighters and paramedics exchange and collect coins throughout their careers.

Challenge coins are small, pocket-sized medallions or tokens that signify membership; celebrate accomplishments, like promotion or a special assignment; mark career transitions, such as going from active duty to retirement; and are often given to boost morale after a challenging incident. Public safety professionals from law enforcement, fire departments, corrections and emergency medical services adopted the challenge coin tradition from the the military.

As your challenge coin collection grows, you’ll want to display it in your office or home. Choosing the right challenge coin display case is crucial, not only to preserve your collection, but also as a launching pad to discuss memorable incidents, past collaborations and even your personal career achievements.

Types of challenge coin displays

When it comes to displaying challenge coins, there are several options each suited to different needs and spaces. Here are the most popular types:

  • Desktop challenge coin cases are ideal for an office or smaller space. These compact displays often come with tiered inserts that allow coins to be viewed easily from a desk or shelf.
  • Wall-mounted challenge coin cases are a good option for larger collections or limited desk space. Available in various sizes, these cases can turn a collection into a decorative wall feature within a station, office or home.
  • Display cases with drawers for challenge coins offer versatility and capacity. They are ideal for extensive collections or organizing coins of varying origins or sizes.

Challenge coin cases are available in a variety of materials, including metal, wood and plastic. Metal cases offer a sleek, modern look and are durable enough to protect coins from dust and damage. Wooden cases add a classic, warm element to interiors. Available in finishes like cherry, oak and mahogany, wood cases can be tailored to match existing decor and are popular in traditional office environments. Plastic cases are a lightweight and often more affordable option for new collectors.

New challenge coin collector cases

If you are new to collecting challenge coins, consider a single coin display or a budget-friendly wall mount.

Plastic frame/stand, durable PET membranes
Set of 3 wall-mounted challenge coin display rack with rustic dark burnt brown wood finish. Easy to install onto flat wall surfaces.

American flag display case for challenge coins

Many collectors have coins from their military service, as well as their public safety experience. An American flag wall display combines your passion for country and community.

Can hold up to 40 challenge coins
Holds up to 100 challenge coins. Made in the USA.

Desktop and shelf displays for challenge coins

Desktop and shelf displays for challenge coins are great conversation starters with visitors and may even prompt a coin exchange.

Solid beechwood in walnut finish challenge coin display stand holds 28 standard-sized coins.
Challenge coin display holds 32 challenge coins. Can be wall-mounted or set on a desktop.
Room for 36 coins in display case and storage for 36 more in the drawer

A wall display, with a glass door, helps protect your collection from dust and might prevent theft of your valuable challenge coins.

Display cabinet can holds up to 100 challenge coins

Choosing the right challenge coin display case

As you consider our favorite challenge coin cases for your growing collection of EMS challenge coins, consider the following:

Capacity: Ensure the case can accommodate your current collection and any future growth.

Visibility: Choose a case that offers the best visibility of details on each coin.

Aesthetics: Select a material and design that complements the room where it will be displayed.

Accessibility: Consider how often you will want to access the coins. Some cases come with locks for added security, while others offer easy-to-open features for frequent handling.

Find a challenge coin display to fit your needs

Whether you’re a seasoned collector of challenge coins or just starting, the right display case is available for your needs and to enhance the pride and tradition of your service. Remember to check the options available on Amazon to find a case that fits your collection size, display preferences and personal style. If you want to share a photo of your challenge coin display, email it to

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