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PSS designs and manufactures innovative safety devices for roadway and pedestrian work zone applications. Our products reduce accidents, alert distracted drivers, and save lives.


Our commitment to the safety of road workers is exceptional, total and constant.

Recent PSS innovations are designed to safely deploy and retrieve RoadQuake TPRS and protect workers from live traffic and superficial injury due to handling. As the industry evolves, PSS will continue innovating new safety solutions for road workers.


Innovative, ADA-compliant PSS devices make temporary pedestrian access routes safer.

Pedestrian safety means safety for all pedestrians, including those with limited vision or mobility issues. PSS devices make work zones safe and accessible to all pedestrians.


PSS devices communicate with drivers to reduce crashes and save lives.

Our channelizing devices have long guided drivers safely through work zones. RoadQuake TPRS communicate directly with drivers to reduce crashes and save lives. Wherever opportunities to improve safety arise, PSS will be there to offer solutions.

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