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Rite in the Rain kit 28% off on Amazon

When you absolutely need to write something down make sure you have a weatherproof Rite in the Rain notebook

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Write with confidence in any weather — get 28% off the Rite in the Rain Notebook Kit now

By EMS1 Staff

Even in the age of smartphones and mobile data terminals, EMTs and paramedics still need to take notes and handwrite investigation information. A notebook, the ultimate handheld tablet, is reliable and resilient ... unless it is raining, or so hot sweat is dripping off your brow and chin as you write.

Rite in the Rain weatherproof notebooks are a longtime reader favorite and work rain or shine. Write on the notebook’s durable weatherproof pages with the all-weather black pen or a standard #2 pencil. This rugged notebook survives water, sweat, grease or mud.

For a limited time, the Rite in the Rain weatherproof spiral notebook kit is $35.02, or 28% off on Amazon. The kit, normally priced at $48.85, includes a 3”x5” notebook, weatherproof pen and Cordura fabric cover that can hold four writing instruments.

With over 1,000 ratings and a 4.7 star-rating you can trust Rite in the Rain to work as advertised.

“Rite in the Rain notepads are invaluable for working the streets or attending outdoor classes,” Warren Wilson, Police1 columnist wrote. “There’s little more frustrating than taking copious notes on a call or in training only to find out that precious information has been obliterated by rain or perspiration.”

If you need to record patient vital signs as it sleets around you, write crime scene documentation in the rain, capture training notes after a water rescue simulation or document fire investigation findings as water is still dripping out the ceiling, you’ll want to have a Rite in the Rain notebook and weatherproof pen.