Ambulance hits NY woman, pins her underneath

The EMT didn't realize he had hit the woman until onlookers screamed at him to stop

New York Daily News

NEW YORK — An ambulance slammed into a young woman as she crossed a Brooklyn street on Wednesday afternoon, leaving her underneath the vehicle, authorities and witnesses said.

Witness Arthur Shlyakman, 21, said the victim, whom he estimated to be about 18, screamed as the ambulance struck her.

She was on Avenue X in Sheepshead Bay and rushing to make it across Coney Island Ave. as the “Don’t Cross” light was flashing, he said. At the same time, the ambulance was coming from the opposite side of Avenue X, turning right onto Coney Island Ave.

Read full storyYoung woman struck by ambulance on Coney Island Ave. in Sheepshead Bay 

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