Off-duty EMT sued for not helping man he killed in hit-and-run

Kristian Hernandez is accused of striking a pedestrian and driving away

PARK RIDGE, Ill. — The family of a Ill. man killed in a hit-and-run in November is suing the driver, an off-duty EMT, for striking the man and not helping him.

Richard Bougan filed a lawsuit Tuesday saying his brother Ronald, 53, was hit by Kristian Hernandez, 36, while he was walking near the entrance of a forest preserve.

The suit alleges that Hernandez was speeding, wove through multiple lanes, was not keeping an eye on the road and failed to help Ronald after hitting him, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Police say Hernandez drove away from the scene. Ronald was found later by a bicyclist.

Officers were able to track down Hernandez when he brought in his car to an auto body shop.

At the time of the incident, Hernandez was an EMT and worked for a private ambulance company in a Chicago suburb.

Ronald's family is seeking in excess of $50,000.

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