‘Emotionally disturbed’ man leaps from moving FDNY ambulance

The unidentified patient survived the jump after “bouncing” a few times and landing face down on the road

By EMS1 Staff

NEW YORK — A patient who was described as “emotionally disturbed” survived a jump from a moving ambulance.

NY Post reported that FDNY paramedics were transporting the unidentified man from a medical clinic to a hospital when he jumped from the back of the ambulance, according to officials.

“He acted up, unbuckled himself and jumped out the back of the ambulance,” an EMS provider said.

The paramedics said they slammed on the brakes and carried the patient “back into the same ambulance — now with more serious injuries.”

Attorney David Schwartz said he was driving behind the ambulance when the incident occurred.

“It was absolutely horrific,” Schwartz said. “I watched the back doors of that ambulance open and a [man] came flying out. No stretcher, no nothing. A [man] came flying out, struck the ground, bounced a few times and landed face down. And [he] was not moving at all.”

The man suffered a head injury, but is expected to be OK.

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