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Top 5 EMS videos of June 2014

From a dispatcher who helps responders save someone in the nick of time, to a man that miraculously catches a falling baby as he happens to be walking by, here are the top five videos of June.

Dispatcher saves man from diabetic emergency

The dispatcher had units from D.C. to Clinton, Md. searching for a man having a medical emergency on a highway, and responders found him in the nick of time.



FDNY rap video shows life of an EMT

The compilation depicts real-life emergencies that EMS responds to on a daily basis.


Escaping Violent Encounters: Fight or flight — don't freeze!

You can have all the physical skills on the planet, but if you're not mentally prepared and have a survival mindset, you're going to freeze.


Man miraculously catches baby falling from 2nd floor window

The man was walking past a building in China during a thunderstorm when he spotted the 1-year-old, who had climbed onto a window ledge.


Remember 2 Things: When to give patients control, and when to take charge

The next time you’re in a disagreement with a patient it can ease their anxiety if they have the authority to take control, but if you have that control then be sure to take charge.


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