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Top 5 EMS videos of May 2014

From rapping EMTs to babies practicing CPR on dummies, here are the top five EMS videos of May.

N.C. EMS makes music video to "Happy"

Wake County EMS decided to boost employee morale with a fun video to the Pharrell Williams song.  



Baby girl practices CPR on a dummy

You won't believe your eyes when you see this baby administer CPR perfectly to a dummy!


FDNY rap video shows life of an EMT

The compilation depicts real-life emergencies that EMS responds to on a daily basis.


Man rescued from burning building flips off medics

At first he's cheering while on the stretcher, then he turns and gives a paramedic the bird


Remember 2 Things: What to ask yourself before ALS to BLS hand-offs

Paramedic Steve Whitehead on considering any ALS-level interventions, and the patient's potential for decomposition.


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