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Top 5 EMS videos of April 2014

Best clips include a mother's heartfelt thank you to a Boston EMT who stayed with her dying daughter, and dash cam footage of a cement truck overturning and crashing straight into a driver

Mom thanks EMT who stayed with dying daughter

The mother thanked Boston EMT Richard Berrio, who did CPR and stayed with the 7-year-old as she died in his arms after being hit by a drunk driver. 



Dash cam captures cement truck coming straight at driver

The Texas veterinary professor installed the camera about a year ago, and escaped serious injury when a cement truck rolled on the highway and crashed right into him.


911 audio of active-shooter prank

A woman was arrested for the April Fool's gag when her adult daughter called 911.


Escaping Violent Encounters: What one simple technique can keep you safe?

EMS1 Columnist Kip Teitsort explains the one defensive move that's effective against everything from punches and pushes, to hair grabs and choke holds.


Remember 2 Things: Improve your lung sound listening skills

Paramedic Steve Whitehead explains why you should listen to healthy lung sounds to recognize what's abnormal, and always compare both sides of the chest.


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