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Top 5 EMS videos of March 2014

Best clips include a medic showing off his dance moves behind the wheel, and a cyclist who gets hit by a pickup truck, then miraculously lands on a mattress that falls out the back

Firefighters made a daring aerial rescue to save a stranded construction worker at a massive apartment complex fire in Houston and a firefighter was shook up after a ladder struck him in the head while working at a house fire are among this month's top firefighting videos.

Medic caught showing off his dance moves

He has no idea he's being filmed while jamming to music behind the wheel. 



Cyclist survives hit-and-run by landing on mattress

A mattress flying out of a pickup truck is what knocks him down in the first place, but it also breaks his fall.


Escaping Violent Encounters: Where you stand could save your life

EMS1 columnist Kip Teitsort explains how placing your crew in a defensive position called The Assessment L can help manage aggressive patients.


Hero EMT has heart attack while saving heart attack patient

A Detroit paramedic did not stop giving CPR to a heart attack patient when he started having a heart attack himself; his partner rushed them both to the hospital.


Russian ambulance almost hits kid

The ambulance swerves and narrowly misses a child running across the street.


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