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New Free Bombs/Bomb-Response/Suicide-Bomber Program Available

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program, "Responding to Bomb Threats, Bomb Incidents and Suicide Bombers," is now available free by download. This program contains a 100+ slide PowerPoint resource that’s dense with information. It contains an overview of explosives and bombs, provides examples of various kinds of each. It informs public safety personnel what to look for when on calls so that they might recognize bombs and their precursors. It details ways in which agencies can respond to bomb threats and bombing incidents. It describes ways to interdict suicide bombers and minimize loss of life.

The entire program is at the practical level for front-line responders, and it does not veer off into interesting but academic areas. The program was reviewed by a Technical Review Committee consisting of experts in homeland security, police special operations, and the fire service from across the nation.

The program includes more than a dozen open-source documents full of information on handling all aspects of this kind of event, from communications to hazmat to tactics.

The PowerPoint resource can be used by any agency or member either as-is, or as a basis from which to construct training modules or presentations of their own. It compiles the thoughts and advice of many of the leading experts in this area. Simply go to www.ffsupport.org to download your copy.

About the Firefighters Support Foundation

The Firefighters Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to assisting firefighters and rescue personnel perform their jobs effectively and safely. We also set aside a portion of our funds to aid underfunded agencies and assist families of fallen firefighters.

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