Boy saves grandma who collapsed thanks to 'Smart 911' system

Dispatchers were able to quickly figure out exactly where Joshua's grandmother was thanks to a new system

By EMS1 Staff

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind.  — A new system being used by an Indiana county helped save the life of a woman after her grandson called 911 to report that she had collapsed.

FOX59 reported that Joshua King, 7, called 911 after Kristeen Walker collapsed while carrying heavy bags in the garage.

“My grandma’s dead and I’m the only one home,” Joshua can be heard telling a dispatcher on the call.

Although Joshua could not remember his address, the dispatcher was able to figure out exactly where they were because Walker had signed up for a new system called Smart 911 last year.

Under the new program, Walker was able to give important information such as her address and people who live with her so dispatchers would have it in case of an emergency.

"By the time we answered that call, we already know where we’re going," dispatcher Greg Duda said.

"This story is why we got it. This story is the story that tells us the system works," 911 director John Jokantas said.

Joshua was recently honored by county commissioners for his quick thinking, and was given a tour of the 911 center and a ride in a sheriff’s car.

Walker said she’s glad she signed up for Smart 911, but she’s also thankful for her grandson’s actions.  

"I’m so proud of him and what he did, just to be 7 years old and to know what to do," she said.


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