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IBM 'smart floor' calls 911 after falls

Sensors will track number, weight, shape, location of objects in room

By Joann Pan

The kitchen floors of the future are here. IBM has been granted a U.S. patent for a multi-touch smart floor that can detect home intruders or call “911″ when you’ve fallen down.

The multi-touch floor will be all-knowing thanks to a database of objects and blanket of sensors. The sensors will track the number, weight, shape and location of objects in a room.

Simple addition and subtraction drives IBM’s new patented invention. It counts the number of objects in contact with the floor covering and compares it to numbers in its database. Residents will be able to turn their futuristic floors “on” or “off” to keep track of the number of people at home.

Full story: IBM Multi-Touch Smart Floor Calls 911 When You Fall [VIDEO]

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