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Ind. police cross-train as EMTs

Officers are working toward their EMT certifications to provide medical care, especially in violent incidents where EMS doesn't have immediate access to the scene

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis EMS has been training police officers to better prepare them for handling a medical emergency on a call.

Officer Lance Dardeen has been undergoing the training to become a certified EMT since last December, FOX 59 reports.

“We can start getting the vitals if someone is just kind of having shortness of breath of maybe just passed out,” he said.

Indianapolis EMS Educator Megan Soultz said the cross training is also valuable in violent incidents where EMTs may not have access, but police officers do.

“They can provide some of that initial care until we can go in,” she said.

It also helps when it comes to manpower.

“Especially in a situation when there are multiple patients,” Soultz said. “Because if there are only two providers on an ambulance, but there are lots of police officers on scene, it’s great to be able to have them jump in and help, as well.”

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