Sponsor FAQs

In this section you will find a list of frequently asked questions from sponsors on EMS1.com. Select one of the categories listed below to jump to specific questions or scroll down for all example questions and answers.

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Campaign Elements

Q: What do I need to submit for a Product Category sponsorship?
  1. High resolution logo (150x150 pixels, JPG/GIF file types, max file size 10k) and destination URL to link to.
  2. Clarification about how you want your company to be named on the site(s).
  3. Brief (75 words or less) description of your company.
  4. 3-4 products including the name of product, destination URL and an image (150x150 pixels, JPG/GIF file types, max file size 10k). We can also pull the image from your site.
  5. 1-2 What's Hot (this can be anything else you want to highlight, such as your video section, product guides, eNewsletter, etc. We can highlight new products but we'd rather feature those in the "new product" section).
  6. Press releases, articles, case studies, white papers or testimonials.

Q: How often can I update or change my materials?

You can update or change materials as often as you'd like. We suggest reviewing and updating products (or product images if they are the same) quarterly. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss updating any aspect of your campaign.

Q: What is the max number of products I can feature?

3 products per product category.

Q: Is there a place on the site where I can view all my material?

You will have a dedicated company page on EMS1 where you can view all your campaign material on the site (except banners). You can reach this page by clicking your company name under any of your products that are showcased within a PC.

Q: What are the specs for deals/specials?
  1. 10 words or less of text
  2. An image (100x100 pixels, JPG/GIF file types, max file size 10k)
  3. Destination URL

Q: What have you found works the best for the Top Text link?
  1. The text should be a specific call-to-action.
  2. Use keywords that officers can relate to (ex: video, wireless, surveillance).
  3. Call out relevant statistics when possible that allure our members to find out how or why (ex: …reduces crime by 40%).

Q: How long can the Top Text link be?

60 characters (including spaces)


Q: What do I need to submit for an eNewsletter insertion?
  1. Headline (50 characters including spaces)
  2. 50 words of text or less.
  3. An image (130x130 pixels, JPG/GIF file types, max file size 10k) Our design team can re-size for you.
  4. Call to action text link (50 characters including spaces).
  5. Destination URL.
  6. Example NL insertion:
    Sample NL Insertion

Q: Can you create an insertion for us?

Yes, if you let us know what you'd like to feature we can create one for you. If you want us to create an insertion for you, please provide us with the name of the product, URL on your site and/or some basic direction for what you want us to provide.

Q: What is the deadline for when you need the insertions?

Ideally we will need your insertion material one week prior to the date it is schedule to run within a Newsletter. At the very least we must recieve insertion materials no later than 48 hours before hand.

Q: Can I submit an animated .gif for our image?

We can only accept JPG or flat GIF images for eNewsletter insertions.

Q: What type of content does best in the insertions?
  1. We've found that brief, user-friendly, product-focused text and a product image performs the best in our eNewsletters. The following is an example that got an excellent click-through rate:

    EMS1 eNewsletter Example
  2. If you are going to have more than one eNewsletter insertion during your campaign, we suggest using fresh, new content each time (running the same exact content will not bring in as high of a response).

Q: What is the average open rate for your eNewsletters?

The EMS1 member eNewsletter has between a 18-25% open rate.


Q: What type of files do you accept for banners?
  1. JPG, GIF & Rich Media (animated/flash, expandable, audio and video, in-banner streaming and transitional).
  2. Visit our banner specification page for full details: http://www.ems1.com/banner_ad_specifications.

Q: What banner unit sizes may I use on EMS1?
  1. 336x280 – Jumbo (max file size 30k)
  2. 160x100 – Standard button (max file size 15k)
  3. 160x600 – Skyscraper (max file size 30k)
  4. 468x60 - Standard banner (max file size 20k)
  5. 160x240 - Half skyscraper (max file size 20k)
  6. 728x90 – Site Takeover Banner (max file size 30K)
  7. Visit http://www.ems1.com/banner_sizes for examples.

Q: Why can't I find our banner running on the site?
  1. If you have a Run of Site (ROS) banner running the banner will rotate through all of the pages on the site, except the Homepage and other pages that have an exclusive sponsor for that banner size. You're banner will be set up to receive a certain amount of impressions per day and once those impressions have been fulfilled it will not run again until the next day. This may be one reason why you are not seeing your banner. We can always send you a screenshot of your banner if you would like or we can pull a banner report to show you how many impressions and clicks your banner has received thus far (*if the banner is a flash banner we will only be able to show you how many impressions the banner has received not clicks since it will be tracked on your end).
  2. If you have Homepage banner exposure as a part of your campaign then your banner will display the purchased amount of impressions for that zone, separate from any ROS impressions.

Q: If we don't have banners, can you create a banner for us? How long will it take and how much will it cost?
  1. Yes, we can create a banner for you. It will take approximately one week depending on the specs.
  2. We typically charge a $100 flat rate for creating non-flash banners.

Q: Can my banner be a little over the max file size?

No, we have a strict policy with regards to the file size and will not make exceptions. This is to keep our page load times down and make the site easy for our users to access.

Q: Does our banner animation have to cease after a certain amount of time?

Yes, the animation must cease after 15 seconds.

Q: Why do we need to tag our flash banner creative?
  1. Tagging your banner creative assigns the destination URL it will lead to when clicked on. This process will also allow our Banner Manager software to capture your banner clicks, ensuring the most accurate reporting of your banner's performance.
  2. Please refer to the "Click Tracking" section on our banner specification page for instructions: http://www.ems1.com/banner_ad_specifications.


Q: What are the specs for eBlasts?
  1. Only text, JPG and GIF images are allowed. No Flash, JavaScript or Java may be used.
  2. All e-mail HTML must use table-based layouts, using CSS only to control typography and color.
  3. There is a 600 pixel maximum width and a 75k maximum file size (includes all images and HTML files).
  4. Be sure to give us detailed linking instructions.
  5. Please use full image paths in the code. For example: http://www.domain.com/images/graphics1.jpg, not /images.graphics1.jpg.
  6. You will need to provide us with a subject line that is no longer than 8 words or 50 characters.

Q: What are the creative due dates?

We will need the creative at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled eBlast date.

Q: How many recipients will receive the eBlast?

The FireRescue1 eBlast list is 75,000 opt-in officers.

Q: What stats are available for my eBlast performance?
  1. Total recipients
  2. Open rate
  3. Total opens
  4. Total clicks
  5. URL breakdown of clicks

Tracking & Traffic Reports

Q: What is an impression?

An impressions is the number of times a website visitor is exposed to your message, brand or company. This can include, but is not limited to number of times a visitor sees your logo, your sponsored product category, the number of eNewsletter respondents to the eNewsletter in which your ad appeared, or the number of times your press releases or banner ads are viewed.

Q: What is a click?

A click is the number of times a website visitor clicks on elements of your campaign on our site. Most of these clicks go directly to your website as specified during the client set up process. Please note that when we feature a press release or sponsored article in our eNewsletter as a value add to your campaign, these clicks go directly to the piece of content hosted on our site. Keep this in mind when analyzing traffic reports for your website.

Q: Can I track each item in a Product Category sponsorship separately?

No, not unless you provide us with unique tracking links for each item then you will be able to track each item on your end. On our monthly traffic reports we combine certain elements of your campaign (ex: featured products, what's hot, buy now's). You'll see total clicks for all products instead of individual clicks. We do provide you with a breakdown for banners, eNewsletters, homepage what's hot, top text links, deals/specials, video views and your company page.

Q: How do you calculate a click-through rate?

The click-through rate is determined by dividing your total clicks by your total impressions. Ex: If your campaign received 850 clicks and 100,000 impressions for the month, your click-through rate would be .85%.

Q: Do you accept third party tracking (Ex. Doubleclick/DART)?
  1. Yes, we accept third party tracking. All tracking tags must be provided a week prior to live run dates in order to Test and Implement live.
  2. Common accepted third party providers: Doublclick, Atlas, Eyeblaster.

Q: Things to consider when reviewing your traffic reports:
  1. Our system measures all clicks so if one person clicks on 5 of your company's links, it counts five clicks in our report. Some tracking tools only report unique clicks.
  2. Any clicks from links and advertisements in our eNewsletters or eBlasts that go out to our clients will not show up as coming from our sites in your reports. Generally they will display as "no referrer". This is because the user is opening the link in their email and going directly to your site.
  3. Often times we will promote a press release, sponsored section or feature located on our site in our eNewsletter or on one of our site pages. Our reporting measures all the clicks on our site that have anything to do with your campaign. The items noted above are not click-throughs to your site and will not appear on your internal tracking reports. For example, we count on our reports if a user clicks on your lower-left hand corner Manufacturer listing, and goes to the following page: http://www.ems1.com/manufacturers/Bates-Uniform-Footwear because they are clicking on a page that is linked to your campaign, and is dedicated solely to your products and information.
  4. Our sites display content on multiple URLs to maximize search engine placement, so your reports may show traffic for any or all of the following:.
    1. Fire – FireRescue1.com, FireRescueOne.com, VolunteerFD.org, FireRescue1.com, FlashoverTV.com
    2. EMS – EMS1.com, EMSOne.com, Paramedic.com, FireRescue1.com, FireRescue1.com, ParamedicTV.com
  5. Our banner ad management system is located on the EMS1.com domain so if you have banners as part of your campaign some tracking tools will show "EMS1.com" in your report.

Q: Why is there a difference between your monthly traffic reports and my own tracking?

This is not uncommon. There are many different tools for web site analytics so we’ve put together a helpful document to explain why there may be discrepancies.

Click here to download the document.

Q: Do you count unique clicks or all clicks?

We count all clicks (please note Google analytics only counts unique clicks).

Q: Can I view my reports online?

Yes. If your campaign is live you should have access to our Sponsor Dashboard where you can view all campaign traffic and lead reports. Each month you will receive a prompt that your campaign reports are ready to view. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

Weekly Win

Q: What do I need to provide for the Weekly Win?
  1. An image of a product (150x150 pixels, JPG/GIF file types, max file size 10k).
  2. Product name and description (75 words or less).
  3. Quantity of products being given away.
  4. Destination URL.

ParamedicTV / Video Sites

Q: How do I upload a video to ParamedicTV?

You will first need to register with EMS1 if you haven't already in order to upload videos. After logging in you just click on "upload videos" and it will walk you through the process.

Q: How do I remove a video from ParamedicTV?

Once logged in using the corresponding user account navigate to the video you wish to remove and select the "delete video" link under the video.


Q: How are Info Requests generated?

There are several "Request Info" opportunities for our members to express interest in your company included in your sponsorship. Your campaign's Request Info button appears on your exclusive Company Page; within Product Category Buy Now sections and Video pages.

Q: Where do you send the Info Requests?

They will be forwarded to our main contact at your company, unless you specify who you would like these info requests to go to. We can send them to multiple e-mail addresses.

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