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Okla. man killed when grandson backs over him

The man was loading items into the back of the car when his 9-year-old grandson started it in a Walmart parking lot

Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — The wife of an Ames man killed Saturday in the Walmart parking lot insists the victim’s grandson did not touch the gearshift before the fatal incident.

“It was a freak accident,” said Shirley Carson, wife of the late Raymond Carson.

Shirley Carson said the vehicle was not properly engaged in park. She said she thinks the vehicle was started in between the park and reverse gears.

“While loading items into the back of the vehicle, the grandson had started the vehicle,” according to an Enid Police Department press release. “Shortly after starting the vehicle, the vehicle begin moving backwards and then knocked the victim to the ground and backed over the victim’s torso area. The vehicle came to rest after striking two other vehicles that were parked in the parking lot.”

According to the police report, the 1997 Suburban was started and “knocked into reverse” while the 54-year-old Carson stood behind it.  

“We had no physical evidence that the vehicle was manually shifted from the park position,” Sgt. Justin Hodges said.

Shirley Carson said her husband asked his grandson to start the vehicle, and he did so. The 9-year-old boy then exited to help his grandfather load the groceries and saw the man’s legs sticking out from behind the car.

“It knocked him down, ran over him and he was underneath the car,” Shirley Carson said. “(My grandson) would never do anything to hurt ‘Dad.’ They called us ‘Mom and Dad.’ We’re raising him.”

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