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No jail for Asst. DA charged with attacking EMT

Medic was allegedly choked in an ambulance last November by a boozed-up Brooklyn assistant DA


NEW YORK — An Assistant District Attorney charged wtih assaulting an EMT could escape serving any jail time. "He left me with physical injuries I have to deal with every day!" said Teresa Soler, an Emergency Medical Technician. Teresa Soler is furious.

Three months after she was allegedly grabbed by the neck and choked-then punched repeatedly in her face, her stomach, and her legs; Eyewitness News has learned that Michael Jaccarino, the man charged with attacking her, won't serve a day in jail.

Ms. Soler is convinced he's getting special treatment because Jaccarino is an assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn. "This man assaulted me, he could have killed me, and he's going to get a slap on the wrist?" Soler said.

Full story: No jail for Asst. DA charged with attacking EMT

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