What is your biggest COVID-19 EMS-related concern?

EMS1 Poll Results: Mar 18, 2020 - Mar 31, 2020

Inadequate staffing 15 %
Running out of supplies 35 %
Being quarantined 7 %
Being infected 24 %
Infecting others 20 %
Total 376

The White House has released sweeping guidelines limiting social contact to combat an expected surge of COVID-19 cases. As schools and workplaces close, first responders are experiencing call growth and the first implications of COVID-19 exposures, quarantines and infections.

At EMS1, we have engaged our team to seek out the top resources and content that will help you to navigate this demanding period and to effectively serve your communities. 

Follow our COVID-19 coverage, including breaking news, how the pandemic is impacting the EMS workforce and strategies to protect providers and respond to this public safety threat, and please, stay safe.

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