Pokémon Go gamers help save overdose victims in moving car

Good samaritans discover couple who had overdosed at the wheel and called for EMS

CINCINNATI — Many stories about Pokémon Go revolve around distracted users running into accidents, but at least one couple can thank the mobile app for saving their lives.

A group of friends playing Pokémon Go were on Martin Luther King Drive Sunday night and discovered a couple in distress. They were on their way home when they saw a car slowly rolling down the overpass with two unconscious people inside.

“The car was just moving slow, as if they were trying to catch a Pokémon or something,” Deion Collier told NBC 5 Cincinnati.

“When we drove past, at first it did look like they were both just looking down at their phones, and then we realized that they weren’t moving at all,” Kenneth Wright said.


The group of friends managed to get the car in park, and Collier said he called 911. Operators told him to get the man and woman out of the car and begin CPR.

An EMS unit came upon the scene and helped transport the two to a nearby hospital, where they were treated for possible drug overdoses. Both the man and the woman survived.

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