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Infant dies when police raid ambulance for drugs

A four-month-old baby girl died of respiratory arrest after agents held up the ambulance for 30 minutes in search for drugs that were never found

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — A four-month-old baby girl died when police held up an ambulance suspected of carrying a large shipment of drugs.

The delay was too much for Carla Michel Ruiz Arias, and she died of respiratory arrest on her way to the hospital after a 30 minute search for drugs that were never found, globalvoicesone.org reports.

The National Direction for Drug Control spokesman Miguel Medina called it a “fatal coincidence” and said it was part of an intelligence action that was monitoring the ambulance. Agents found a casket without a corpse and license plates from Puerto Rico, which were deemed as suspicious. The driver was taken into custody and the vehicle was retained, according the Medina

He said they gave the order for the ambulance to go ahead when they realized it was transporting a sick baby. Witnesses say despite being aware of the baby’s condition, it took agents more than 30 minutes to search for drugs that were not located.

Julio César Souffront Velázquez, chairman of the National Direction for Drug Control, said the agents will be punished if an investigation reveals the actions were negligent.

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