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Medic makes detour to aid "Captain Crayola"

Company also sent a care package full of their new products after learning of boy's plight

By Acadian

NEW ORLEANS — Acadian Ambulance medic Justin Tabor is trying to get the wishes of his 6-year-old patient fulfilled.

In August, Tabor and his partner transported Gavin Beard from Thibodaux Regional to Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. The hospital staff had given him coloring sheets, but he didn’t have any crayons and became upset, telling the medics he was “Captain Crayola” and needed his colors.

Photo Acadian
Medic Justin Tabor has built up a bond with Gavin Beard.
Photo Acadian Medic Justin Tabor has built up a bond with Gavin Beard.

With permission from Gavin’s mother, they stopped at a store and bought him some Crayola crayons so he could color during his transport.

Having been born premature and diagnosed with VACTERL disease, Gavin has cheated the odds and far surpassed his life expectancy. Gavin made quite an impression on Tabor that day with his feisty and wonderful spirit in spite of his frequent hospitalizations and transports, and they have since become quite close.

In fact, Tabor has contacted the Make-A-Wish America foundation to try to help Gavin meet his idols: Scotty McCreery, Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum. He also contacted Crayola, and they were so moved with the story of “Captain Crayola” that they sent a care package full of their new products to Gavin just in time for Christmas.

“Gavin is truly a miracle,” said Tabor. “Despite the obstacles in his path he always has a smile on his face and positive attitude. He has been an inspiration to me and everyone around him, and he truly deserves to have every wish that he makes come true.”

The Facebook world has joined in to make Gavin’s wishes a reality; since Acadian Ambulance posted it on their page a few days ago it has gotten over 360 shares.

One of the people who noticed the post was a local state trooper who plans on helping Gavin through their Grant-A-Wish program. Other people have also contacted Tabor after seeing the post to send Gavin Christmas gifts.

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