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Ambulance response time questioned in man's death

Because of a computer "glitch", the ambulance was dispatched later than normal

By Matt Grant

NAPLES, Fla. — Chaz Minard, 25, lay in his room dying when his family dialed 911. It took four minutes, after the family called for help, for an ambulance to be dispatched because of a "glitch," and 12 minutes for them to arrive, the family said - wasting precious time in a life or death situation. When lives are at stake, every second counts.

"We attempt to get on the door of the patient in eight minutes or less," said Collier County EMS Chief Walter Kopka."

But that's not what happened to Chaz. According to his father, Charles, Chaz was diagnosed with high blood pressure and a disease causing lung inflammation. But his health problems were worse than anyone knew.

Full story: Did ambulance delay cause man's death?

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