How EMS leaders can increase 12-lead capture frequency

Make a strategy and pick the tactics for your agency to improve its 12-lead EKG use for patients with non-traumatic chest pain

This article originally appeared in the August 23, 2018 issue of the Paramedic Chief Leadership Briefing. Read the full briefing, Increase 12-lead frequency | 4 ways to motivate | Spinal motion restriction, and add the Paramedic Chief eNewsletter to your subscriptions. 

Article updated October 23,  2018

How often do your patients with a primary impression of non-traumatic chest pain have a 12-lead EKG captured during the patient assessment? (add your answer to this EMS1 poll question)

The ESO EMS Index, a retrospective examination of ePCR data from more 1,000 EMS agencies, reported metrics for stroke, opioid overdose, capnography use, 12-lead EKG performance and aspirin administration. In 2017, 209,390 (4.17 percent) of 5.02 million patient encounters had a primary impression of non-traumatic chest pain. Three-quarters (75.9 percent) of those patients had a 12-lead documented. There was little month-to-month variability in the 2017 data.


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