Top 10 events that should be in the EMS Winter Olympics

Ice scraper curling, driveway bobsledding or apparatus skating? What's your EMS event?

The 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off February 9 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. While temperatures during the games are predicted to be in the negative numbers, most of us will be watching the spectacle while warm on our couches eating a cheese ball and drinking hot buttered rum, thinking, “Curling? Meh, I could do that. They wanna sweep some ice, they can handle up on the front walk to the ambulance squad bay. Now that’s a workout.”

So while those Olympic heroes do their thing, let’s show them what real heroes do during the winter months, in the Top 10 events of the EMS Winter Olympics:

10. Zipper races

So you’re outside shoveling the walk when the tones drop, and as ambulance tones are wont to do, they trigger that irresistible urge to void your bladder. We all know that EMTs never have to pee until they get a call, right?


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