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Integrated Billing, Coverage Discovery, and Compliance

ZOLL Billing integrates AR optimization, coverage discovery, compliance and more to help increase revenue and process efficiency.
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UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers

The CAP 3 and CAP 5 Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers are customizable inventory management tools that help address major supply room challenges.
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Finally, a lifting device designed by Rescuers!

Firefighter designed! Spray and Wipe Clean!  Secures to the Patient with Handles where you need them!   Precisely move Patients without injuries!
Don’t suffer another lifting injury! 
AngelTrack’s All-in-one CAD system delivers a clear advantage

Dispatch seamlessly. Active dispatch boards offer advanced predictions so that EMS dispatchers can easily schedule calls while making allowances for the unexpected, emergent situation.
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Accelerate Fire/EMS Station Communication with Digital Signage

No more relying on email, paper, & clipboards to relay critical information. Let crews & personnel easily digest visually displayed content on big screen tvs, desktops & tablets.
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Durable and Economical – High Performance Suction

The S-SCORT® III Portable Suction Unit is a rugged, effective suction device. Delivers over 30 LPM clinical airflow, with both full and reduced vacuum power settings.
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It Is All About the Fit

Advance Fit Gloves with Compression Fingertips.
When you need the perfect fit 
Plan for Impossible with a LENCO Bearcat.

Elevate your level of protection beyond NFPA regulations with the LENCO armored protection your team deserves.
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Introducing the Refreshingly Simple ESO Inventory

Inventory management software that can simplify processes, improve readiness, and reduce costs.
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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Scheduling Software

This EMS1 guide to purchasing scheduling software can help you compare products, ask the right questions and get buy-in from your providers.
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