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In this month's Paramedic Chief eNews, we talk about EMS and the media. Matt Zavadsky encourages EMS agencies to grab every media opportunity that comes their way in an effort to build relationships, trust and goodwill. Check out his article for the five best practices when you're about to go on camera.

Chris Cebollero offers five steps toward accepting that failure is an inevitability of life, and how to move forward after it happens. Sean Caffrey explains what EMS chiefs can learn from other community-focused organizations.

Chip Sovick explains the six steps necessary to take an idea and make it reality. Also, don't miss our "What Would You Do?" episode that's all about handling drones at EMS incidents. Lastly, Page, Wolfberg and Wirth explain what EMS leaders need to know about the Medicare expansion of the prior authorization program for repetitive nonemergency transports.
The EMS1 Team
Featured Article
5 best practices for media appearances by EMS chiefs and field personnel
By Matt Zavadsky, EMS1 Contributor
Seize every media request to your EMS agency as an opportunity to build relationships, trust and goodwill. Set the stage
How EMS personnel should use cameras
Comply with federal and state laws to fully realize the significant benefits of EMS use of drive cams and body cams
Photojournalist: 5 tips for managing the media on EMS scenes
Be calm, rational and don't get baited into a confrontation which will make you the villain of a viral video
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Exclusive Articles
5 steps to accept and move forward from failure
By Chris Cebollero, EMS1 Columnist
Failure is not your enemy, but if you believe it is that is what you will become as an EMS leader. Don't give failure the power
What chiefs can learn from other community-focused organizations
By Sean Caffrey, EMS1 Contributor
How does the American Red Cross and the Boy Scouts of America leverage their size while still acting and feeling local? 5 lessons for EMS
Leadership Clips
What would you do? Drones at EMS incidents
Personnel report to command that a drone is interfering with extrication. What will you do? Watch the video
The Leadership Edge
Turn ideas to actual EMS change with these 6 steps
By Chip Sovick, EMS1 Contributor
Having a great idea is the easy part — getting others to see its potential takes hard work. 6 critical steps
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CMS Update
Medicare expands prior authorization program for repetitive nonemergency transports
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, EMS1 Columnists
CMS expands the prior authorization program, starting Jan. 1, 2016, to five additional states and Washington DC. A quick background
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Buying an ePCR system: What are your top considerations?
Share your experiences with purchasing an ePCR, best practices for choosing a system and tips for other EMS leaders making this critical purchase. We will use the best suggestions for an upcoming Paramedic Chief article.
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